Tonight: Strand of Oaks

About this time last summer, I remember hearing a genuine surprise of a record, one that seemingly came out of nowhere but was one of the purest distillations of rock music I’d heard in some time. That record was Strand of Oaks’ HEAL, a deeply personal and at times harrowing record but one so incredibly…

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Concert Review

Strand of Oaks at the Tralf Music Hall (7/25/15)

Let me start this review with a gripe of mine. I really do love the Tralf as a venue. It’s a good space, the booking is on point, and the staff there is awesome. That said, they inexplicably decide to put up table seating arrangements for the majority of shows. Oft I would say 75%…

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Just Announced: Strand of Oaks

One of 2014’s best success stories came from Timothy Showalter’s Strand of Oaks project. Last summer, the Philadelphia rocker released his acclaimed new album, the emotionally raw¬†Heal, which was anchored by the blistering lead single, “Goshen 97” and the devastatingly nostalgic nod to Song: Ohio’s Jason Molina on “JM.” In leaving some of his folk…

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