Sound Devices: Why Space Cubs Loves Her $10 Cassette Player

Editor’s note: Each week, Cory Perla of The Public asks a local musician to tell us why they love their favorite piece of gear. Suzanne Lee Bonifacio is Space Cubs, a Buffalo-based electronic music producer. Her latest track, “Pearls” is out now on the L.A.-based label Unspeakable Records. “Reason is the program that is synthesis has never failed me. I’ve…

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Space Cubs Shares New Song via Unspeakable Records Comp

Former Buffalo ex-pat Space Cubs made her recent return to Buffalo count with the release of her solid debut LP, The Fire and Things Forgotten, early this spring. And just last week, the electro musician dropped her latest tune, the haunting “Pearls,” which is included on the new compilation from her Unspeakable Records label, Unspeakable Records Vol….

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