Short Moscato and Truey V Team Up for “Aaliyah”

Buffalo emcees Short Moscato and Truey VĀ are two of the city’s most talented, and one month before their appearances in Herd Fest’s 2015 Hip-Hop Showcase presented by Deep Thinka Records, they’ve teamed up for a great collab. Taking the name from the late turn-of-the century RnB goddess, “Aaliyah” begins with a mystical beat of which…

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Tonight: Anti-Venue Tour Kick Off

Haute La Vie, a new-to-the-scene Buffalo entertainment company, will launch its Anti-Venue Tour later this evening at the 464 Gallery on Amherst Street. Aimed at bringing musical and artistic performances to non traditional spaces, the series is spread-headed Shawn Patterson, a Buffalo born, Southern raised entrepreneur who recently returned home to find himself part of…

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Herd Fest

Deep Thinka Records

Buffalo-based independent hip-hop label Deep Thinka Records has been a leading local institution since 1997 for discovering forward-thinking, inspiring MC’s dedicated to furthering the eclectic, socially conscious tradition of the genre. The label’s current roster boasts some of the city’s finest rap talent with artists like Mad Dukez, Billy Drease Williams, Chuckie Campbell, and Tanya…

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