Tonight: Bad Waitress

Tonight Sugar City hosts a night of serious 21st century punk rock when Toronto’s Bad Waitress rolls through town with Thick and Tina Panic Noise. Bad Waitress is rowdy, insurgent, and not playing around with your feeleings or your hangups, while Brooklyn’s Thick is all DIY punk, soaring melodies, and kicking the status quo in it’s…

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Record Store Day

Still Diggin’: Record Store Relationships

With Record Store Day quickly approaching, I’m reminded how much the record industry has changed. What was one a booming industry has needed the adrenaline shot of Record Store Day to keep many of the institutions we hold dear afloat. And the act of buying records, which was once a rite of passage, has turned…

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Modern Baseball at the Opera House (12/03/15)

Well, I learned three things at this show. One, that Jeff Rosenstock needs to be elected president. I’m not really sure why, but he does. Second, that there is nothing like the absolute MADNESS of a sold out PUP hometown show, and third being that stage diving is a dangerous game. Almost right from the get…

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Tonight: Nitin

Although Toronto’s CODA will be missing Lee Foss on Saturday night’s lineup (due to circumstances beyond CODA’s control, as reported on the event page), some of the Canadian city’s own talents will be stepping up to the plate. Nitin, a globetrotting Toronto-based label owner, producer, and DJ will be taking some extra time on the decks. Beginning his…

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Win Two Passes to Riot Fest Toronto

This September, Riot Fest will celebrate its 10th anniversary with shows in Toronto, Chicago (the festival’s founding city), and Denver. We can thank fest founder Mike Petryshyn for selecting Toronto as a location. Being a Buffalo native, Petryshyn, as so many of us Buffalonians so do, would frequent the city as a youth to catch shows that…

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