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Shlohmo and Jeremih – No More

I stumbled upon this unlikely duo a little over a year ago when they released “Bo Peep” and the accompanying NSFW video that made my whole body feel funny. This project was originally slated to drop back in February, and after a few more quiet months, it was unsure if No More would ever drop. Shlohmo had previously…

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Tonight: Shlohmo

A blend of heaven and hell, Shlohmo has a way of lifting the black lace veil. Vocals drowning in slowing syrup and echoing sounds, reminiscent of the acoustical ambiance of a cathedral’s vaulted ceilings. He relaxes the hyphy. Un-monikered, he goes by Henry Laufer. He is only in his early 20s and under his WEDIDIT…

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