Tonight: Protomartyr

Protomaryr at Pitchfork Festival 2015 shot by Brendan O'Connor

Following Sunday’s stellar Sunflower Bean show, the Mohawk Place is once again the place to be tonight.  Detroit post punk act Protomartyr will be headlining a stacked bill, still on tour in support of their well received 2015 album, The Agent Intellect.   Also on the bill is be another dark post punk act, Psychic Teens, from…

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Protomartyr at Mohawk Place (5/10/16)

After my introduction to Protomartyr last year at Pitchfork Festival, I was immediately hooked.  The dark, churning, yet insanely catchy style of post punk that the band boasted caught my ears, and after buying their commercial debut, Under the Color of Light, I had it on repeat for months.  The band also release a new…

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Listen Up

Psychic Teens – “Face”

We all should thank Andy Czuba and Sugar City for bringing Psychic Teens to Buffalo many moons ago. The Philly outfit have been on the Queen City’s inhabitants radar since its deafening performance at buffaBLOG’s Herd Fest this past summer. Some ears are still ringing. The trio of brotherly love has just released its new single…

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Psychic Teens

If you happened to make it out to buffaBLOG’s Herd Fest this past weekend, you may have heard something about a little band from Philadelphia called Psychic Teens. Now if you were fortunate enough, you actually got to catch their set at Allen Street Hardware, as part of Sugar City’s showcase. And if you missed…

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Herd Fest Showcase Spotlight

Sugar City

Sugar City deserves a lot of credit for the ceaseless work they have done to provide an open and collaborative space for all types of art in Buffalo. Over 5 years old, the arts collective is responsible for fostering a significantly stronger community of artists, musicians, and community activists. Even after losing their original space…

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