Just Announced: Mikal Cronin

I feel like the only posts I write for this blog lately are show announcements, but that would mean Buffalo is getting a lot of good shows, consistently, which is the whole point of this thing, so why am I complaining? Anyways, the latest to add to this endless news cycle is Mikal Cronin at…

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Mikal Cronin at Mohawk Place (9/15/15)

As summer comes to a close, I am reminded of all of the incredible shows that come through Buffalo. Last night at Mohawk Place, though, I was greeted with a strong reminder that just because the season is turning over, doesn’t mean the barrage of shows will be stopping any time soon. The Cairo Gang…

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Tonight: Mikal Cronin

Over three albums, Mikal Cronin has established himself as an incredibly consistent and solid musician, creating catchy and throughly enjoyable power pop since launching his solo career in 2011. Having previously recorded with Ty Segall, Cronin skews in a sunnier direction that Segall’s sludgey garage rock, favoring lusher instrumentation and more tuneful vocals. Obviously indebted…

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