Just Announced: Melt-Banana

One of 2013’s more bonkers shows in Buffalo had to be Melt-Banana’s ridiculous fall show at the Tralf Music Hall. The¬†schizophrenic, Japanese punk/pop/noise group unleashed a chaotic set full of squealing guitars, out of control percussion, and songs sung so strangely you barely recognized they were sung in English. Concert opener Lesionread, who was still…

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Tonight: Melt-Banana

Japan, it would appear, went off the deep end into wackiness sometime in the 80s; since the 90s, its capitalism-meets-schizophrenia, rampant-consumerist culture has had a disaffected release in¬†Melt-Banana. The Tokyo-based four-piece mixes punk and pop and noise into an wall of WTF cerebral madness, both chaotic and precise, with energetic, melodically barked vocals that sounds…

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