Kerfuffle at Canalside (6/16/18)

Buffalo’s indie leaning radio station, Alternative Buffalo, ┬áhas successfully done it again. Last Saturday, the radio station hosted its 5th annual incarnation of their growing music festival, Kerfuffle. After a long day of fist bumping, it was abundantly clear that the crowd loved the programmed bands along with the adorable puppies offered by the SPCA…

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Tonight: Matt & Kim

It’s that time of year again. As the weather gets warmer and the days grow longer, the Thursday at Canalside series has returned, and kicking off the year is none other than Matt & Kim. While the Brooklyn act might not find its names on any year-end lists, few would argue with the pair’s incredible…

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Thursday at Canalside Report Card

The announcement of the Thursday at Canalside series, now years away from the cesspool that was Layfette Square, is one of Buffalo’s true indicators that summer is pretty much here. And with that announcement, comes lots and lots of bitching, at least normally. My fellow buffaBLOGGER Cliff Parks once told me “if you like three…

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Concert Review

Matt & Kim w/Made Violent at Canalside (6/4/15)

Well folks, congratulations. We did it. It’s been building for years, and it’s certainly been talked about a whole lot, but Thursday night it sure felt like the much ballyhooed “new Buffalo” was real, and it was awesome. The first Thursday at Canalside of 2015, which featured Brooklyn duo Matt & Kim, new local heroes…

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