Tonight: Ami Dang and Slag Ralden

Over the past couple of years, the Ami Dang has garnered acclaim for her own brand of sitar electronic, her seamless ability to blend exotic melodies with puncturing beats, on her facebook page, she fittingly characterizes the project as “music from everywhere and nowhere.” Slag Ralden, in similar vein, creates brooding and captivating textures and…

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buffaBLOG Video

Sonny Baker, Nicholas Reynolds, and Jack Topht w/Little Cake

The latest installment of our buffaBLOG Video series is a more intimate affair of a show. Following the afternoon’s Porchfest showcases, we hosted a party, well birthday party, over at Colonial Circle and invited a few of the blog’s favorite acts – Sonny Baker, Nicholas Reynolds of Space Wolves, and Jack Topht with his Little…

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