Tonight: Sheer Mag

Philadelphia punk rockers Sheer Mag are more than a fresh voice to the scene. Their freshness precedes them—the 80’s tinged beefy riff slinging, frontwoman Christina Halladay’s Joan Jett-ish tigress growl, exceptionally grooveable rhythms, all of this coalesces into one of today’s hardest hitting punk rock bands still able to churn a dance floor. The quintet…

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Sheer Mag at Mohawk Place (4/3/16)

From packing Black Dots Records a year ago to playing Coachella this spring, Sheer Mag is undoubtedly a success story.  There are VERY few “hype bands” that are actually worth hyping up, and Sheer Mag is number one on the list.   The band has managed to create a formula that not only the punks…

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