buffaBLOG Sessions

The Naturalists

And to start your weekend off in a good way, we present to you the next installment of buffaBLOG Sessions. This time around, with the Naturalists. Craig Perno heads the band with twin brother Travis on the drums, accompanied by bassist Zach Russel. They’ve amassed a decent following in the area with their overtly grungey…

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Tonight: Indie Rock Office Holiday Party

Tonight at Mohawk Place hosts a local bill that’s as local and awesome as you can get– Sleepy Hahas, The Naturalists, Aircraft, and Humble Braggers. It’s like Christmas is here early! Or something like that. While these bands really don’t need much of an introduction, we’ll do it anyway. Sleepy Hahas have undergone a couple…

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Album Review

Petite League- Slugger

Baseball. Rock ‘n’ Roll. The Carrier Dome. Do those phrases resonate as “American” to you? Well, they should. And they’re three words that, more or less, resonate with the band from ‘Cuse known as Petite League. Petite League is a lo-fi garage rock band currently inhabiting Syracuse’s scene. The band’s newest release is titled Slugger. When…

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