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Tweedy w/Hospitality @ Town Ballroom (10/1/14)

Jeff Tweedy was met with an uproar of approval after telling the packed Town Ballroom “You guys are the best audience we’ve had, hands down.” No doubt his claim was validated—the Wilco frontman played over a two hour set for the adoring crowd. His new solo outfit, Tweedy, featuring his 18-year-old son on drums, played…

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Just Announced: Jeff Tweedy

The Buffalo and Rochester areas are normally blessed with a Wilco show nearly every year, usually taking turns between the two cities. And while it doesn’t look like Wilco is doing much touring this fall, fans of the long time act will have the opportunity to catch front man Jeff Tweedy as he rolls through…

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Tonight: Tweedy

Father and son make their way through town tonight in the newest creation by Wilco front man Jeff Tweedy. With Jeff taking his usual spot at guitar and lead singer, you can find his oldest son, Spencer, behind him on drums. Listening to their music, you get the sense that it’s more than just a…

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