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We Salute You, Jay Zubricky

In my dog days of boyhood, I shared the warmth of the summer months with pure bread Polish grandparents who proudly prepared authentic dinners on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I despise Polish cuisine, therefor stubbornly maintaining a diet of strictly saltine crackers. Routinely I would make innumerable trips to a kitchen cabinet, which above hung a sign…

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Sixties Future Releases HAIM Cover

It’s no secret that Sixties Future has been one of our favorite bands to pop up in 2015. With just one show under its belt, the quintet has brought a whole new sound to the oftentimes repetitive Buffalo’s music scene. After an impressive debut show as part of Humble Braggers release party, Sixties Future showed a…

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Tonight: Taking Back Saturday: A Night of Emo Music

Admit it. This is a safe space. Emo music dominated your ipod in the 2000s. How could you drive to your part-time job without plugging  Deja Entendu into the auxiliary-to-tape input in your 1996 Ford Taurus? That tape converter was easily one of best piece of technology of the 2000s., by the way. Join us in nostalgia tonight at…

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