Tonight: DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist

Once upon a time too long ago DJ’s used turntables to maximize flow, records were heard and no one stood; dancing was better and the music was good. There was a young DJ who was misled; he thought a laptop playlist could make him bread. When DJ’s stop creating and start pushing buttons both metaphorically…

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Just Announced: DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist

After a few weeks of rumors, local promoter, Mike T. Marshall, just confirmed on his facebook page that influential DJ/producer, DJ Shadow, will be playing the Town Ballroom on Tuesday, November 11th along with Cut Chemist. Born as Joshua Davis and referred to as the “Jimi Hendrix of sampling,” Shadow is best known for his…

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Concert Review

DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist at Town Ballroom (11/11/14)

On Tuesday night, those in attendance at the Town Ballroom were taken on a journey through nearly 40 years of the rich musical history that laid the groundwork for hip hop culture. DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist surgically moved through their set comprised of six turntables, a vintage drum machine, and a collection of records…

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