Tonight: Comfy

Yace Booking is having one hell of a weekend. After the “Golf Pop” extravaganza at Dreamland tonight, please head straight to Nietzsche’s for an incredible lineup showcasing Utica buzz-magnets Comfy. Comfy specializes in that special sort of self-deprecating indie rock; think a lo-fi version of Weezer’s Blue Album with all the shredding and ooh-oohs you can stomach….

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Comfy Releases New Singles

Utica, New York’s Comfy is a band that’s buzz, unlike Ebola, has been spreading all over New York State, from the jampacked DIY shows in Brooklyn to the dimly lit basements of Buffalo and every cool house show in between. Last week, while prepping for their super legit slot on the Miscreant & Father/Daughter co-sponsored showcase…

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