Herd Fest Showcase Spotlight


I’m not sure if you have gotten the message yet, but there is something called Herd Fest going on and buffaBLOG is dabbling in it. This Saturday, the blog. along with many other progressive members of the music community. will combine forces to deliver a festival that has people traveling both far and wide (I…

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Tonight: Heavy Rotation – Lonely Hearts Dance

Later on tonight, we will be taking over Allentown’s go-to movin’ and shakin’ venue, Hardware, in order to deliver you some of the best DJ’s Buffalo has to offer.  On the line-up is hiphop guru Cove, drum and bass sensation Camaican Sensation, multi-media artist Projex, and dance party expert DJ Teen Wolf. With just a…

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Rochester Showcase Artist Spotlight

The Absolutes

It may come to no surprise that buffaBLOG has a show this Saturday in Rochester due to the all-encompassing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram teases. If this is the first post you’ve ever read on this website and have never visited our social media accounts, Hi. We put together a nice show on Saturday at the…

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buffaBLOG 4th Birthday Party Artist Spotlight: Chauncey Tails

One of the most important factors involved in pleasing the party goers is the disc jockey. They do us a great service by pleasing our eardrums in-between acts, making sure we all keep our dancing shoes in check. This time around for our 4th bday party at Duke’s, we will have Gowanda native Chauncey Tails spinning a delightful mix…

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