Blonde Redhead

Blonde Redhead is a band whose music speaks for itself. And sure, by definition, that is what being in a band is all about—writing, recording, and performing something worthwhile. Yet there exist so many artists today who build their reputations on a foundation of publicity stunts (“Imma let you finish but…”), ceaseless social media interaction,…

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Just Announced: Blonde Redhead

While caught up in an intense battle of paper football at the office today, Waiting Room announced a rare appearance of ethereal NYC trio, Blonde Redhead, set to hit Buffalo on Tuesday, June 16th. Beginning 20+ years ago, the long time threesome teeter taughters between dreamy electro pop and shoegaze to delicate indie a la Lykke…

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Tonight: Blonde Redhead

Since the release of its self-titled debut in 1995, New York based trio Blonde Redhead has explored the melodic side of noise rock, emerging from the avant-garde scene that saw artists like Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine flourish with a textured, experimental pop sound. Comprised of twin brothers Amedeo and Simone Pace along with…

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