VWLS Releases Soft Block EP

Multi-platform artist, Bobby Griffiths, has released his latest collection of ambient drone under the VWLS moniker through his record/media label, Bad Drone Media. The 7-track Soft Block opens with the warm “Early Prighs” and continues to change pace between the ominous “Glass Of Water, Fork In The Sink,” abrasive “Weathervane,” and hopeful “Words Used.” Its…

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Tonight: Night Slaves

You may be living under a rock if you aren’t aware of the show that every local media outlet is talking about – Night Slaves release show at Mohawk Place. After much anticipation, the industrial duo, comprising of Johnny Toohill (JOHNS, Alpha Hopper) and David Kane (Them Jazzbeards) is set to release their self-titled debut…

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