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A Hotel Nourishing – Empty Gesture EP

For those of you who still cannot comprehend how A Hotel Nourishing is just two people—guitarist Sonny Baker and drummer Cameron Rogers—you’re not alone. I, too, have struggled with this concept since the band’s conception over seven years ago. Anyone who has seen the duo play a live show knows what I am talking about;…

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Tonight: A Hotel Nourishing EP Release Show

After a dark, seven-year hiatus, A Hotel Nourishing (Sonny Baker and Cam Rogers) returns tonight to release some new music, the deeply textured and haunting Empty Gesture EP. The band will be taking the stage at the recently re-opened Mohawk Place, so get ready for a healthy dose of 2007-esque nostalgia. Joining AHN are Aircraft,…

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A Hotel Nourishing Releases First Single From Empty Gesture EP

I remember my introduction to the Buffalo music scene. I drove from my hometown in central New York to catch a glimpse of Say Hi to Your Mom in the dark Sound Lab basement in the middle of a snowstorm. The Wishes and the Glitch was an amazing album. Anyways, upon arrival, I realized I…

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Herd Fest Showcase Spotlight

Steak & Cake Records

Let’s get this done! This Friday, Buffalo’s own Steak & Cake Records, the Potomac based DIY label, will host the very first showcase of the inaugural Herd Fest at College Street Gallery, featuring a stacked lineup of local favorites. Space Wolves will kick off the night at 7:00 with a set of their signature blend…

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