Pitchfork Music Festival: Saturday

The Pitchfork Music Festival action continued into Saturday, just to be cut short midday by torrential down pouring and high winds. Luckily, the weather only caused a short delay, and gates opened back up to the anxious fest goers. The relentless rain had no effect on their spirits, as I saw of the most passionate and active crowds of the entire festival, almost as if the precipitation had helped in a way.

Nearly every set I saw this past Saturday was incredible, but the major standouts were Future Islands and Bully. During both sets, I found myself too busy singing along every word to grab as many pictures as I would have liked.

Check out the photos of Saturday’s action below.

Jimmy WhispersIMG_0041IMG_0023



Future BrownIMG_0132IMG_0145

Mr Twin SisterIMG_0153IMG_0178

Kurt Vile and the ViolatorsIMG_0214IMG_0231

Parquet CourtsIMG_0268IMG_0304

A$AP FergIMG_0343IMG_0480

Future IslandsIMG_0530IMG_0569

Sleater-Kinney IMG_0745IMG_0732

Vic MensaIMG_0826IMG_0924

Check out a full gallery of Saturday’s acts here, and if you missed any of Friday’s shots, catch up here.


Written by Brendan O’Connor

Written by Brendan O’Connor
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