Anamon Drops Album, New Single “In 3”

Most rock songs are written with a particular, predictable pattern in mind – a rise and a fall, a bob and a weave. “In 3,” the new single from Rochester’s Anamon, is more like 5 quick punches to head – unorthodox, but effective.

“It’s not real,” croons vocalist Ana Emily over chimey guitars and a headbobbing beat as the song begins. It’s a straightforward enough beginning, but before a minute and a half is up, the song has gone through three total changes already, settling on a shifting dance-rock groove which Monaco looms over, threatening “I’ll send you back to hell, boy/Don’t even try to test me.”

By the end, “In 3” has erupted into near-total chaos, with a screaming saxophone ditching melody for noise as the whole band turns up. You’ll be wondering how you got there after three minutes and forty-seven seconds; give the song a few more listens and you’ll figure it out.

Anamon’s new album Purple, Green, and Yellow, dropped last week and is available via download and vinyl via the band’s bandcamp.

Written by Dan Bauer

Written by Dan Bauer