Tonight: VYVAN


Wish I knew more to tell you about this one, but I’ll tell you what I know. Tonight (6:30, says Facebook) at Black Dots, we’ve got locals Max Weiss and The Patterns supporting Bloomington’s VYVYAN.

VYVYAN, at least, is a known quantity, in the sense that their demo is quality. Imagine a world where bands going for a 90s college rock aesthetic pulled as much from Green Day as they do from Dinosaur Jr., and you’ll be in the ballpark. I hear lots of Superchunk in the vocals, but the songs themselves are infused with more jumparound punk energy than most of that group’s output. I’d bet a bottom dollar they’re a blast to see live.

Max Weiss: I’ve never seen him live and I’ve been unable to find any substantial recordings, but I’m dumb: if you know some, post in the comments please. What I have found are a few snippets of him playing at what I believe is a pop-up gallery in Vermont, and he too looks like a lot of fun. He’s singing real stripped down pop songs with minimal accompaniment (mostly just keyboard loops, while his drummer wistfully looks on, wishing it was time to play a beat). The most important detail here: the dude is into it, and it’s hard to not ┬áto enjoy yourself when the person you’re watching is going for it like Weiss is in these videos.

As for The Patterns: the event lists them as “melancholy punk,” and I’ve been struggling to dig anything up about them. But I trust the people at Black Dots, and you probably know more than me, so please, any info you have, post it up here.

Doors at 6 or 6:30, depending on if you believe the Facebook event or the flyer. There’s a show later in the night on Hoyt, so I imagine things will kick off early enough that people can migrate over there after.

Written by Dan Bauer

Written by Dan Bauer