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Spring Breakers – “Shaking Hands”

Yo, we’re digging the warbly vibes from new slacker-rock duo Spring Breakers. “Shaking Hands” switches from a Mac Demarco-inspired verse to a dreamy chorus without flinching, which isn’t an easy task. What’s more exciting – this is the first song these dudes have written together. We can’t wait to see what they come up with…

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Column 22: The Cotton-Candy Cultural Critique of Spring Breakers

(Warning: This article contains some spoilers) As I look through my Facebook feed, there’s two articles that seem to repeatedly pop up in my feed over the past month, the Vice article “This Sad Generation Doesn’t Know When the Party Stops” and articles about Iggy Azalea’s appropriation of black culture. And while one wouldn’t think…

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