EdgeFest 2015 at the Outer Harbor (9/12/15)

In spite of Saturday’s less than ideal weather, 103.3’s annual Edgefest was hugely successful. Thousands turned out on a dreary day to see the likes of Rise Against, Coheed & Cambria, Modest Mouse, and many other groups as the rain ceased to let up. Local band Made Violent has created quite a fan base over the…

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Just Announced: Modest Mouse

One thing that has been happening more and more is that we are getting concert announcements for bands that are totally out of left field. We usually know ahead of time the majority of bands that are going to come through before they are publicly announced based on our network of Buffalo music industry insiders,…

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Today and Tonight: EdgeFest 2015

What a day for music in Buffalo, huh? Once a year, 103.3 the Edge puts together a showcase of impossible acts that you’d never think to see together on a show. That showcase is known as EdgeFest 2015. With such a jam-packed schedule a schedule is truly the best way to preview a special night…

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