Album Review

They Are Gutting A Body of Water – s/t

They Are Gutting A Body of Water is a rather complex name for an emotional, lo-fi solo act by singer/songwriter¬†Doug Dulgarian. Dulgarian, a lead singer to¬†Albany-based Jouska, proudly released late last month via the project’s bandcamp. The album is written as if staring into a looking glass watching a microcosm of the world work its…

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Concert Review

Big Gigantic at Rapids Theatre (5/14/15)

When I say “jump,” you yell “how high?” As I walk past the Niagara Falls Police Department and Courthouse, I look to my friend, Mikhael, a Swedish expatriate, and retired First Sergeant of the Swedish Armed Forces. “Jesus of course there are cops everywhere,” I say as a squad car drives by slowly. He insures…

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