Night Slaves Release Debut Demo “Crown of Walls”

John Toohill (JOHNS, Alpha Hopper, the Hamiltones) and Dave Kane (Them Jazzbeards) just released the first song from the duo’s new group, Night Slaves. The dark, industrial act immediately recalls Nine Inch Nails on the unnerving demo, “Crown of Walls.” The pair will make its debut performance tonight at Nietzsche’s as part of the eighth…

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Tonight: ElectroRespect 7 – A Tribute To Mark Freeland

Tonight, a cavalcade of musicians and Freeland devotees will be converging on Nietzsche’s for ElectroRespect 7: A Tribute To Mark Freeland to get their freak on and support the upcoming tenth anniversary edition of the Buffalo Infringement Festival. Ed Koban, Funk Monster and Woman, David Kane, John Toohill, Disobedient Quartet, JeffRepeater, Aversa Army, Lemonade, Gumwads,…

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