Mutual Friends Release New Single “Always Thinking of You”

What really defines “knowing” someone in 2016? Friends, friends of friends, that girl who messaged me, that guy who added me, social media has made this question trickier. There’s people we may communicate with face to face that feel like strangers and those we’ve never even met who feel like they’ve opened their whole world…

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Tonight: Taking Back Saturday: A Night of Emo Music

Admit it. This is a safe space. Emo music dominated your ipod in the 2000s. How could you drive to your part-time job without plugging  Deja Entendu into the auxiliary-to-tape input in your 1996 Ford Taurus? That tape converter was easily one of best piece of technology of the 2000s., by the way. Join us in nostalgia tonight at…

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