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Brimstone Blondes – AGE OF CONSENT

Almost every song on Brimstone Blondes’ new album, AGE OF CONSENT, is a take down of some sort. The targets change and their crimes run the gamut from exploitation to allegations of rape, but lead singer Matthew Danger Lippman feels pretty much the same as he’s pointing his finger: a little superior, a little fascinated, a little impotent and…

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Tonight: The 2nd Annual B-Lo Invasion Homecoming Show

Has it really been a year already? Tonight is the 2nd Annual B-Lo Invasion Homecoming Show featuring the same star-studded lineup as last year. Jacob Smolinski will be taking a break from his tenure in his new band, Local Onlys, to reprise his role with The Cascos, and there is bound to be excitement from…

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